Three Major Issues in Education

In the United States, school funding ranks near the top of the list of current issues facing education. About 90 percent of funding for public K-12 schools comes from state and local worldnewshunt governments. Unfortunately, the recession has reduced these funds and forced many states to slash spending on schools. In Chicago, for example, one in five elementary school students starts the school year in overcrowded classrooms.

In 2001, the No Child Left Behind Act brought standardized testing into the educational arena. School amazinginfo districts that did not improve their test scores faced intense scrutiny. Some schools were threatened with closure or state takeover. In addition, teachers were evaluated according to their performance on standardized tests. While ESSA removed some of the thewebgross punitive aspects of NCLB, it maintained the test requirement every year spicecinemas.

Another major problem in many countries is the lack of schools. The lack of schools affects teachers, teaching materials, and other components of the education system. Some countries don’t have the magazineweb360 funds to build schools, which makes it difficult for children to get a quality education. A recent UNICEF report showed that six out of every 10 children do not attain the minimum level of literacy and math education.

Lack of education has far-reaching consequences for both boys and girls. Lack of money should not be a fotolognews simasvip barrier to obtaining an education. According to UN data, every year a child spends in school reduces the risk of infant mortality by five to ten lpllive percent.

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